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Setting New Records

Orjan recounts his first two incredible weeks collaring snow leopards at the base camp of our long-term study (Orjan is a Swedish PhD student working on this study): We have set a new collaring record and put out four GPS radio collars in 15 days. First we put a collar on a new female, called F5 for […]

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A New Female is Welcomed into Our Long-term Study

With our field researchers settled back in at our Mongolian base camp, this field season is off to a great start. We are thrilled to welcome a new female into our long term ecological study! Orjan, a PhD student from Sweden reports on the event below: “We caught a new cat yesterday. Finally all the […]

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The Snow Leopard Tsagaan Passes Away

One of the snow leopards in our long term ecological study, Tsagaan, recently died. We do not yet know the cause of his death but we are actively investigating and will post the findings as soon as we have them. Our field researcher Orjan explains. Two days ago I got an email saying that Tsagaan […]

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Back in Action: Orjan Sets Up Base Camp

Back in the field, Orjan sends an update: The first ten days of this field session have passed. We have been working non-stop to set up camp and scout the area. Camp is located in the same site as our old Base Camp and we are hoping to collar snow leopards in the same area as where the […]

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Zaraa’s Walk to the Border

Koustubh, our Regional Field Biologist, sent us this great update recently: Zaraa has done something really exciting this week… On the 19th, she set out South, all the way to China for an expedition through an area that seems to have no mountains at all!!! She went into the open steppe from the area that […]

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Mongolian Authorities Rescind Permit Issued for the Killing of Snow Leopards for Research

Thanks to an international effort, on March 23 the Mongolian government rescinded the permit that would have allowed four snow leopards in Mongolia to be killed for “research.” Our senior staff were in Mongolia when the crisis developed and worked with the Snow Leopard Network and local NGOs to convince the government that killing snow […]

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April’s Snow Leopard Photo of the Month from National Geographic

Our April photo of the month re-presents the June 2008 issue of National Geographic where snow leopards were featured in an article titled “Out of the Shadows: The Elusive Central Asian snow leopard steps into a risk filled future.” Amazing photos of wild snow leopards by Steve Winter were featured in the article, including an […]

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